Give students an up-close look at what it takes to orchestrate the unforgettable sights and sounds of Country Music with a series of subject matter expert profile videos. Students will go on the job with a variety of Country Music professionals who all use STEAM skills to shine in their role.

This is STEAM Country!  Video Topic Series

Sounds of STEAM Country

Explore the science of sound and discover how the many dynamic parts of a Country Music performance come together under the guidance of a Musical Director. In this video we meet Aaron Farmer, Musical Director for Florida Georgia Line, who is a self-taught musician comfortable taking the lead in everything from creative decisions to rehearsals to live productions. He ensures that the performances sound great night after night by combining a thorough knowledge of the creative and technical sides of music.

Classroom Conversation Starters

  • Music is called a “universal language”, but how can we use that language to communicate with others?

  • Would you rather be a performer on the stage or a Musical Director on the soundboard?

  • What are some of the most memorable sounds you’ve heard up-close in your life?

  • Did you know animals like bats, dolphins, and whales use sound and echolocation to identify objects and navigate their surroundings?

About this Series

Step into the shoes of real Country Music professionals with a series of video vignettes spotlighting the diverse talent working behind-the-scenes of Country Music.

Discover the secrets to Country Music’s popularity by going inside the sights, sounds, and experiences of a real Country performance. Get a behind-the-scenes pass to CMA Fest and introduce students to the dedicated Country Music professionals who help make the magic happen from off the stage. The Video Topic Series gives students a unique look at how STEAM skills can be harnessed to create success and accomplish amazing things while working in harmony with others.

No two shows are exactly the same, and you have to approach every show with that mentality.

Aaron Farmer, Musical Director for Florida Georgia Line