Every Voice is Instrumental


Give students a backstage pass inside the world of Country Music to learn how STEAM skills help make the magic happen—both on and off the stage.

Every Voice Counts

Whether it’s a performer on-stage, a crew member behind-the-scenes, or an audience member cheering within the crowd, the Country Music industry thrives on the unique perspectives of diverse individuals coming together around a single purpose.

Working in Harmony inspires students to follow their passion and embrace innovative thinking through dynamic collaboration with others.


Cooking up Country Music hits with STEAM

Take students behind the scenes of Country Music production to learn what goes into making a hit song. Students will learn how STEAM is an essential ingredient every step of the way.

The Musician

Discover the Anatomy of a Hit Song from the perspective of the musicians using various instruments to blend unique sounds and create the tunes we love! 

The Music Producer 

Step into the recording booth to discover how a song goes from a poem with a melody to a fully fleshed-out track. 

The Sound Engineer 

If the producer interprets the musician’s vision, the sound engineer is in charge of executing that vision. 

Exploring STEAM Activities

Engaging Classroom and Family Activities.

Classroom Activities

Students can engage in important STEAM skills and take on the roles of Country Music professionals with these hands-on activities spotlighting diverse Country Music careers.


Family Activities

Get families into the mix and encourage students to become STEAM stars with fun activities that bring music to life in the home.


STEAM Careers Take the Spotlight Virtual Field Trip: Country Music's Biggest Night™

Here’s your backstage pass to see Country Music like never before and go behind stage at the CMA Awards for a Virtual Field Trip digging in on how the biggest night in Country Music happens.

About the Program

Each individual part is crucial to overall harmony, and every student has unique abilities that can be used to create success in a STEAM-driven industry like Country Music.

Empower a new generation of trailblazers and creative thinkers with standards-aligned resources designed to get students amped about the possibilities of STEAM.


Collaborative learning has been shown to not only develop higher-level thinking skills in students, but boost their confidence and self-esteem as well.

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